Essential Tips For Securing Your Home

Updated February 7th, 2023

Written by Jeff Seymour

When moving into a new property, you have many things to do. However, most people don't think about the security of the property until after they've moved in and caught their breath. In this blog, I will set out some key points to help you secure your new home.

Always Change Your Locks

Changing the locks on all external doors. This is by far the most effective thing to do. Why? Because once the locks have been changed, you will know that no one else has keys to your new home. Your home insurance will not state you MUST change the locks, but you are doing your due diligence in doing so. Use a qualified locksmith to carry this out. They are professional and will change the locks to meet insurance standards, like using British standards locks that are insurance approved and fitted correctly. A poorly fitted high-security lock will be no good if an opportunist can bypass it or manipulate it due to it not being fitted correctly. Ensure you receive an invoice from the locksmith and keep it with your household paperwork. This is proof to your insurance company that you have changed the locks.

Keep Your Keys Out Of Sight!

Leaving keys within the area around the front door. This is terrible practice. You would be amazed at what an opportunist can fish through the letterbox, mainly your keys. Keep keys out of sight. A kitchen drawer is a good place. Out of sight is out of mind.

Fit a Security Light

Has the property had a security light fitted outside near the external doors? if not, consider having one fitted. If you already have them, make sure they operate correctly. An opportunist will walk away as soon as these lights come on. They are relatively cheap to buy and straightforward to fit.

Lock Those Windows

Ensure all windows, especially on the ground floor, work and can be locked. Many uPVC windows within the UK are getting old, and plenty do not work. These are suitable entry points for a thief looking for windows not closed correctly. Most uPVC windows can still be locked in a slightly open position if you need to open a window.

Is Your Garage Secure?

Garage door. If you have a garage attached to the house with an internal side door going into the house, keep this locked. Most up-and-over garage doors can be manipulated easily to gain entry to the garage; opportunists know that many people don't lock the smaller internal garage door, lock it.

Check Your Bins

Dustbins. Opportunists will and can work out if you are away by looking in your bins. They will already know when the dustbin lorry comes by checking your local Council website. All they have to do is check the bins a few days later. An empty bin can mean they know you are away. Try and keep your bins out of sight when away.

Don’t Leave Packaging Outside

Just bought a new TV, or Playstation, maybe a new bicycle? The packing these types of items arrive in generally has what's inside the packaging written on it. If you leave this outside for the bin lorry to take then you are letting everyone who can see it know what is inside your home. Try and break the packaging down and put it inside the bin or alternatively keep the packaging in the garage until its dustbin lorry day.

Should I Have An Alarm Fitted?

Finally, consider having an alarm fitted if the property has not already. Alarms are relatively cheap now, Yale for instance have a good variety of home alarms systems to suit most budgets. The main points of entry to cover are the external doors. Having the alarm fitted by a professional is important to make sure it is fitted correctly and working as it should. Don’t forget to inform your insurance company as you will most likely receive a discount on your next renewal date for having a home alarm system installed.

If you need any advice on your home security, please give Locksmith Direct a call. We can give you advice on all your home security requirements.

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Updated February 7th, 2023

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