What is a Deadlock? Everything you need to know

Updated February 7th, 2023

Written by Jeff Seymour

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A deadlock is a type of lock that mainly secures doors and uses a key on both sides of the door to lock and unlock the door. They are typically morticed into a wooden door, and provide excellent security.

British Standard 5-level Deadlock

Deadlocks come in various styles and sizes and should be installed by a professional locksmith on residential and commercial properties. The most common type of deadlock in the United Kingdom is a 5-lever British Standard deadlock commonly used on wooden exterior doors. The British Standard means the lock has passed various tests to conform with insurance and fire regulations.

Deadlocks are sometimes referred to as Chubb locks in the UK because Chubb, as a manufacturer of locks, was used throughout the UK to produce deadlocks. Nowadays, we have various manufacturers such as ERA, Union and Yale, all of which carry the British Standard kite mark.

Deadlock case

Deadlocks can also have fewer than 5 levers. These are used on interior doors as they are smaller in design and don't need to be as secure as a five lever deadlock. Another type of deadlock is a deadlock case. These are used in conjunction with a cylinder and are typically installed on doors where an escape lock needs to be fitted. The cylinder would need to be a key and turn cylinder.

Deadlocks are typically installed on wooden doors but can also be installed on various doors of a different material. For example, some deadlocks are manufactured for glass or metal doors. In addition to providing added security, deadlocks can also increase the value of a property, meet home insurance standards and provide peace of mind for the occupants. As such, many homeowners and business owners install deadlocks on their doors for added protection.

When installing a deadlock, choosing the right size and type for your door is essential. Deadlocks come in a range of sizes, and it is crucial to choose one that is appropriate for the thickness and material of your door. In addition, the type of deadlocks you choose should match the type of door you have and the level of security you require.

Properly installing a deadlock is also essential to ensure it is secure and functions correctly. It is recommended to have a professional Southampton locksmith, such as those at Locksmith Direct, to install your deadlock to meet insurance standards. A poorly fitted deadlock can invalidate your home or office insurance. Once the deadlock is fitted, you must receive an invoice detailing what has been fitted. Keep the invoice with your household paperwork, proving the lock has been fitted to a certain standard and conforms with your insurance company.

In summary, a deadlock is a type of lock that provides added security for your home or business. By choosing the right size and type of deadlock and having it properly installed by a professional locksmith, you can increase the security of your property and give yourself peace of mind.

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Updated February 7th, 2023

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