What is a Multipoint Locking System? Everything You Need To Know

February 16th, 2023

Written by Jeff Seymour

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A Multipoint Locking System (MPLS) is a secure locking system fitted to external Upvc doors on many buildings throughout the United Kingdom. They are operated by using the handle to engage the system, and then a key is used in a cylinder to secure the system in the locked position. Because different companies manufacture these, some work differently than others.

I will explain the difference throughout this blog, so you are familiar with the type of system you may have in your home and how to operate and maintain it.

Lift Lever System

Lift Lever Single Spindle Multipoint Locking System
Lift Lever Single Spindle Multipoint Locking System

The Multipoint Locking System used throughout the UK is called a lift lever system, meaning you lift the door handle to engage the system and push the handle down to de-engage the system. So, for example, lifting the door handle with the door closed will engage the locking points from the door that will now be in the keeps, which are the metal parts you see attached to the door frame.

Multipoint Locking System Locking Points
Multipoint Locking System Locking Points

Once the door handle is fully lifted, the system can be locked using the cylinder key. Always try the handle now. You know the door is fully locked if you can not push the handle down.

Now I'd like to talk about the two different types of lift lever systems used throughout the UK and how one works slightly differently than the one I have just explained.

Within the industry, one is known as a single-spindle system, and one is known as a double-spindle system. So let's focus on the double spindle system and how to operate it correctly.

Double Multipoint Locking System
Double Spindle Multipoint Locking System.
Note that the handle on the outside of the door is a different shape and height than the handle on the inside.

The double spindle system works slightly differently because you have to use a key to open the door from the outside rather than pushing down on the handle.

You still need to lift the handle to engage the system and use the key to lock the system in place. If you don't lock the system using the key, the door is closed on the latch only and will not be secure. So always lock the system and check that you cannot push down on the handle before walking away from the property.

Key and Wind Systems

In the UK, these are used less because they are less secure than a typical lift lever system. A typical lift lever system will have at least three locking points, and a more modern one will have five locking points. If you open the door and operate the system, you can see the locking points. A key and wind system will have two and three at the most. To operate these systems, close the door and, using the key, turn the key until it does not turn any more. The system is now locked.

Key and Wind Multipoint Locking System
Key and Wind Multipoint Locking System

Auto-Locking System

You will find these fitted to communal doors as well as residential properties. In addition, these are mainly fitted to composite doors.

Auto-Locking Multipoint Locking System
Auto-Locking Multipoint Locking System

They work without having a handle. Instead, they operate by using the key. When you close the door, the system engages automatically and locks. You always need a key from outside to gain entry. It is essential to oil these systems to make sure they operate correctly. Do not use WD40 on these doors. Use thin oil sparingly on the moving parts.

Maintaining your Multipoint Locking System

As with most moving metal parts, they need some oil or spray grease occasionally. This is important as it will keep your Multipoint Locking System working as it should. Use white lithium grease that comes in a spray tin. It's easy to use and works great on these types of systems, DO NOT USE ON Automatic doors. Use thin oil only.

If your system is hard to lock or you have to keep pressure on the handle to turn the key and lock the door, something is wrong, and if it continues, the system will eventually fail. Call a qualified locksmith, and they can service the system and make sure everything is aligned, making it easy to lock the door again.

If you have questions about Multipoint Locking Systems and how to operate them correctly, please call us at Locksmith Direct.

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February 16th, 2023

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